Welcome to Asphatech Ltd

We started out in 1998 as an import company from there we decided to work towards our own products due to our first supplier who only wanted to use our company to build a demand for his own brand which he then sold to any and every one who got his info from the products .

Our goal for 2011 is to launch our pothole patch formula. we intend to compete against big contractors but not buying the politicians off is a major set back. our intentions is to provide an alternative product in place of repaving .

This system is called a preventive maintenance sealer.  With a system like this millions can be saved from repaving. a liquid asphaltic material is sprayed on the surfaces allowing dried asphalt with developing cracks to become filled thereby extending the life of the road.

This will be first blended and transported to the site for installation. Roads fail mainly due to solvent evaporation causing the asphalt to become dry and brittle raveling and cracking begins then moisture passes to the sub layer causing deformations e.g potholes , wavy roads etc.

This can be avoided but if overlooked for some reason, then billions go towards repaving instead of channeling this money to other projects. hopefully our solution will be accepted.